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The Society

Based in the Garden city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

With a membership of over 500, we are a well supported and active member of the Scottish community in New Zealand, and support all things Scottish, be they a member of our Society or otherwise. Please read and enjoy these pages, and PEASE send an e-mail message with your thoughts and contributions

Message from the President March 2011  pdf Society Report

Canterbury Caledonian Society Grade 1 Pipe Band

Established in 1902, the Pipe Band has been active in social and competition arenas continually since that time. A total of six overseas tours have been undertaken in the past few years, including five to Australia (the most recent being the 2001 Australian Championships), and two to North America and Canada. The band has performed with distinction in Grade One NZ and Centre Championships for many years, and commands a high level of respect wherever it appears. The Band finished 3rd in Grade 1 at the recent New Zealand Championships. Through our public profile and promotion, we are always proud to hold high the name of the Canterbury Caledonian Society.

Canterbury Caledonian Society School of Piping and Drumming

2008 has seen the inception of the Society's School of Piping and Drumming. Whilst teaching and instruction of the pipes and drums has been available at the Society for many years, the growing demand for new players through all the grades has seen it's formalisation a necessity. A strong commitment to tuition progrmas is seen as essential to our continued success.

The school currently teaches approximately 20 students across pipes and drums, whilst the majority of these students are in the Society's Juvenile band, we are now seeing members step up to the grade four and three competition level. Also we have new learners at the ready to start lessons for the first time after the School's short break after Nationals.

If you would like any information regarding tuition please contact either Moira Nogat or myself through the society.

 Barry Rendell This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Royal Stewart Pipe Band

Formerly known as the Canterbury Caledonian Ladies Pipe Band, the Royal Stewarts have also been dominant in National and International competition in Grades Three and Two , and have toured Australia and the USA on numerous occasions. With an exceptionally strong tutorial programme, the band is rich in numbers, and acts as a stepping stone to the Society band for those with the interest and capacity to advance. The Royal Stewarts have always been a well drilled band, regularly claiming victory in Band marching competitions throughout the country. With strong membership and drive, our future success is assured.

The Royal Stewart and Balmoral Pipe Bands would like to acknowledge the help the following organisations provide in funding our activities.

 St Kilda Retail Pty Ltd (Au), Bendigo Valley Sports and Charity Foundation, The Southern Trust, Rotary New Zealand and Air Rescue Services Trust. 


Balmoral Pipe Band

The Canterbury Caledonian Balmoral Pipe Band, formed as a feeder band to the Royal Stewarts, and competes in Grade 4. The band is based on a strong teaching philosophy, with recent members of the Royal Stewarts playing a prominant role. The band has attached to it, a young development band, which has already competed in Juvenile events.

Highland Dance Section

Highland Dancing was one of the original cultural promotions of the Society, and today, the Society is a dominant associate of the New Zealand dancing fraternity. The significant input of tutors and instructors has produced several New Zealand Champions of many years, and is a well respected member of the Piping and Dancing Association of NZ. With regular winter classes and numerous competitions, membership is popular amongst the young, with the benefits of self discipline and physical effort being reaped in later life. We invite anyone interested in the art of Celtic dance to join our classes, and experience the challenge!

Classes commence Saturday 2nd April 2011 in the Brake Street Lodge Hall, Upper Riccarton.
As always we look forward to welcoming both our past and new members to the art of Highland Dancing. Girls and Boys from the age of 4 years will enjoy beginning to learn with a great deal of fun involved.

Caledonian Society Open Highland and National Dancing Competitions will be held this year on the 23rd of May, schedules being available from our Section Secretary, Kay Banks Phone 942 1243.

Country Dancers

The Country Dance section is thriving. A great way to keep fit, and enjoy good company.
Dancing is held each Monday evening from 7:30-9:15pm in the Caledonian Hall.
Contact Kath Burn 327-5345, Robin Phillips 332-5316, Noeline Flood 332-4468

The Caledonian Collection

The Caledonian Society holds many articles of historical interest donated or acquired over the past 100 years. These documents, books and other items form the basis of The Caledonian Collection. The Directors of the Society are establishing a permanent display area for this collection of Scottish and Caledonian Society items and invite further contributions of historic value for the display
(C)2006 Canterbury Caledonian Society