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The Highland Dancing Classes commenced in the year 1900 and have since then been a strong section of the Society well recognised both locally and nationally for their contribution to the Scottish arts.   With ever increasing opportunities to perform at many overseas venues the popularity of highland and national dancing is growing with senior status providing the chance to join New Zealand’s entertainment groups.


Highland Dancing was known to have been performed up to 700 years ago and for this reason has immense historical value.    The learning of highland dancing contributes to children’s bodily strength, musical appreciation and coordination as well as providing the ability to socialize with their peers. 


The Canterbury Caledonian Society is fortunate to have fully qualified tutors prepared to teach at the Saturday morning classes with the assistance of trainee teachers.   The technique of the New Zealand Academy of Highland and National Dancing is taught at the society classes. The first hour of the two-hour period is devoted to our Learners Sections with a music practice involving all of our dancing members being held during the hour commencing at 11am.  


CLASSES WILL COMMENCE AT 9.30AM on the 2nd April 2022 in the Society hall 5 MICHELLE ROAD, WIGRAM


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I suspect most of our followers will be aware that highland dancing was once the domain of the male fraternity.  Can’t you just picture those muscular highlanders in their kilts performing the Sword Dance before going into battle!  So why do we not have more male dancers?   We do appreciate those we already have but this year we are making a big drive to bring in more  young  “laddies” to start learning at our classes, along with  our  ‘lassies’.   Do you know of any lads that you could bring along to our classes?  I’m sure many of our members do, so please help our Society by encouraging them to come along on Saturday the 2nd April to join in. 


Classes will commence at 9.45am and we want everybody to be in attendance at least 10 minutes prior to this time.


Our Pre School Class will take place once again and the boys and girls need to be around the age of 4 years to take part. Our Highland Fling Class Learners need to be from the age of or due to turn 5 years of age.  We also look forward to building the number of these classes so your assistance in encouraging Pre Schoolers and Learners would be more than helpful.


Please contact Elizabeth Smith for more information


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