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CLASSES ARE HELD 9.15AM on Saturday mornings.

The season runs from March to August in the Canterbury Caledonian Society hall 5 MICHELLE ROAD, WIGRAM

If you are interested in learning more about Highland Dancing please contact Secretary Kaye Banks by clicking the link below.


The Society holds classes taught by fully qualified teachers in the 
technique of The NZ Academy of Highland and National Dancing (Inc) 
and offer the following Learners Classes


* Introductory Pre-school class - A class for children to explore 
movement to music while developing co-ordination, confidence, spacial 
and body awareness and following instructions.
* The Highland Dances we teach - Highland Fling, Sword Dance, Seann 
Triubhas, Highland Reel, Reel O’Tulloch
* Step Dances we teach - Irish Jig, Irish Hornpipe, Irish Reel, Sailors Hornpipe


Following the Learners classes is “Pipe Practice”. All dancers have the 
opportunity to practice their dances with a live piper along side their 
new and existing friends.










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Society Highland Dancing Classes commenced in the year 1900 and 
have continued to be an active section of the Society well recognised 
both locally, nationally and internationally for their contribution to 
Highland Dancing. 
The benefits of becoming a Highland dancer are many and varied. From 
having fun and making new and life long friends, to fitness, balance, coordination and musical appreciation to name a few. Once a dancer is 
proficient in the basics of Highland Dancing there are opportunities to 
progress onto competitions, examinations, performing in concerts and 

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