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Established in 1880, the Canterbury Caledonian Society is one of the strongest Scottish Cultural Societies in New Zealand

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News & Upcoming Events

The 140th Annual General Meeting of the Society was held on Thursday 31 March 2023,  at the Society hall. Society activity groups held their's ealier in the evening.  A good number stayed for the Society AGM, at which Bruce Fraser was elected Society President, replacing 4 year serving Rosemary Armstrong (retired). Stuart Oliver and Geoff Hallberg were elected Vice Presidents, and Lorna  Craw and Jason Calder,  Directors.  Jason also assumes the role of Property Manager, replacing Chris Stevens (retired).

Francie Fraser retains the much honoured role of Patron.

Any queries, please contact Jamie McEwan

Located in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, the Canterbury Caledonian Society has a strong membership base, and includes sections for Highland & National Dancing, Scottish Country Dancing, Collections & Archives, Pipe Bands (four) and a College of Piping & Drumming.


The 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes destroyed our premises in Kilmore Street in central Christchurch.  The old premises were built in 1923 and served the Society well.  As recently as mid-2015, we opened our new, modern facility in the western Christchurch suburb of Wigram, since when the Society’s groups have enjoyed their new home and the bond of membership which makes the Society, has been strengthened.


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