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COVID-19 Protection Framework

To all Society Activity Groups, Members and Friends,


At the November meeting of Society directors the topic of COVID-19 vaccination certificates was discussed at some length, as how best for the Society to respond to the COVID-19 Protection Framework – commonly referred to as the Traffic Light system – that the government has announced will commence on December 3rd. The primary factors around the Board’s decision making focused on:


  • The safety and wellbeing for Society members.

  • The safety and wellbeing for our community.

  • Ministry of Health/Government guidelines and best practices.


As a result of discussion, the following motion was proposed and passed unanimously by the Board:


All Society members of the Society activity groups aged 12 and over must provide either their vaccination certificate or medical exemption documentation, to participate in Society activities – effective January 1st, 2022.


As a board we believe this is the best approach to take to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all Society members as they engage and participate in various activities. However, we appreciate that for some members this may result in some challenging decisions to be made, and we are committed to supporting all Society activity groups and members with any situations which may arise. Each activity group will need to create and maintain their own register of their member’s vaccination status. It is expected the majority of members will already have downloaded their Vaccine Pass from For those under 16 years of age, evidence of vaccination as provided to their school will suffice.  We are happy to answer any questions surrounding the setting up and maintaining of your vaccination register.


Additionally, with the Traffic Light system coming into effect December 3rd, consideration will need to be given to events at the hall that are run by the Society where non-members may be attending (eg competitions, fundraisers etc).  To this end, the Board stipulates that when activity groups run such events open to non-Society members, a Vaccine Pass will be required by those non-society members to attend.  The NZ Pass Verifier app created by the Ministry of Health has now been made available for download on both Apple and Android devices, so we recommend its use for this purpose – see link below to download.


We appreciate that this is an evolving situation for not only the Society, but our community and nation, so we will provide updates as and when required. Thank you in advance for your assistance in keeping our Society members safe, as we continue to navigate through these challenging times.


Society Directors

Canterbury Caledonian Society

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